100% cooler
than having
0% battery

It’s simple math.
You + Brick’s powerbanks = zero stress

Charge on-the-go

Brick prevents your electronics from running out of battery with powerbanks (Bricks) that you can easily rent & return at our many stations throughout Europe and the world.

Why Brick?


Don’t be tied to the wall, bring your phone and charge on-the-go

Don't miss the important
(or unimportant)

Make sure the phone is fully charged, so you’re ready when you need it

Priceworthy and nearby

With 450+ stations and $3 per hour, a fully charged phone is always in reach

Our Venue Partners

With Brick "Low battery" is not a concern

With Brick
"Low battery"
is not a concern

Brick räddar varje månad tusentals telefoner från att ladda ur så människor kan fortsätta med sin dag


Incredibly nice to be able to charge my phone without being stuck by a wall! I can hang out with friends or shop at the mall while I’m charging!

– Fatima


It’s relieving to be able to avoid battery anxiety, it’s nice to have a charged phone when going home at night or not missing any messages.

– Emma


It’s very handy! I always realize I forgot to charge my phone, but then a Brick is always around the corner!

– Karl


The Brick app for iPhone or Android


Our stations at one of our partner venues


The QR Code at any of our stations


Any of your devices wherever you are


The powerbank at any Brick station

“running out of battery”

Rent a powerbank and charge wherever you go

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