100% cooler
than having
0% battery

It’s simple math.
You + Brick’s powerbanks = zero stress

Don’t buy what you can rent

Simply a charger ready when you need it.
Keep your electronics charged on-the-go by renting Bricks near you. It’s easy, cheap and way better than having no battery.

How it works


the QR Code at any of our stations

Brick illustrated power bank


a Brick with built-in cables compatible with phones and other devices


any of your devices wherever you are


the powerbank at any Brick station.

Find them all in the app

Download the app

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Affordable charging

Renting a Brick costs just $1 per 30 minutes and max $5 per day. Sometimes that’s all you need to keep going!

Don’t be tied to the wall

Take your Brick with you and charge on-the-go with built-in cables for iPhone, Type-C and Micro USB.

5% to 100% in no time

A Brick has the power to take most phones from 5% to 100% in 1 hour or less. All you need to get going!

Brick Power bank

“Incredibly nice to be able to charge my phone without being stuck to a wall! I can hang out with friends or shop at the mall while I’m charging!”
– Fatima

“It’s very handy! I always realize I forgot to charge my phone, but then a Brick is just around the corner!”
– Austin

“It’s relieving to be able to avoid battery anxiety, it’s nice to have a charged phone when going home at night or not missing any messages.”
– Emma

Find us all over the world!


“running out of battery”

Rent a power bank and charge wherever you go