Launch, manage & scale your power bank sharing business​

Launch, manage & scale your power bank sharing business

A power bank sharing solution as advanced as it is flexible

Launch & grow your business with all-in-one software

The only solution you need to manage your stations, operations, payments, promotions, and everything in between.

Accelerate profitability with our brand and operational expertise

Accelerate profitability with our brand and operational expertise

We have been there, done that. Our knowledge and foundation are at your disposal so you can start growing right from the start.

Seamlessly integrate your local services, solutions and IoT

We help you customize the right tech stack for your business needs. you can quickly launch and scale a your power bank sharing business.

Get the help you need, every step of the way​

We have been there, done that. We provide you with the technology and expertise to launch and scale your own Brick franchise.

Charging Brick

Manage your operations​

With our specialized station and user management tools and in-field operations app, we’ll help you achieve operational efficiency.

Bring a service people love​

Our user friendly app is loved by many and our strong brand gives you a head start to focus on growing your business

Reduce your cost, grow your revenue​

Our platform helped our partners launch their power bank sharing service 6 times faster and much cheaper than starting a business from scratch

“What really got me hooked was the possibility to get up and running without any prior knowledge of power bank sharing.”

Damien Weis
Brick Australia

The Brick World​

Join the leading power bank sharing business​

Founded in Sweden 2019, Brick is today a fast growing startup helping the world stay in charge, one Brick at the time.