Leading products for your power bank sharing business

Leading products for your power bank sharing business

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Fall in love with our app

Streamlined app

Our Android and iOS app is simple and user friendly: Scan the station, rent a Brick, charge on the go, and return to any station.

Multiple features

Attract new users and fine-tune your business model with features for users and connected venues to enhance the experience.

Always improving

We’re always working on new features and upgrades in collaboration with our franchise partners.


Get a Brick and charge on-the-go

The Brick power bank (beautiful isn’t it?) comes with cables compatible with phones and other devices.


A station for every need

Our stations come in different shapes and sizes for different needs. They are ordered through Brick and delivered fully branded and ready to generate revenue


Intelligent station management

Our software gives you the tools to support and manage your operation, and the statistics to grow your business


Manage your network

Add all venue information and get the station up and running instantly to maximize your rentals.


Insights helps you grow

Analysis on rentals and venues help you gain insights into your business, assisting work optimization and increasing revenue.


Operations at a glance

An intuitive dashboard that lets you manage all your stations and rentals remotely and in real time



More integrations, more possibilities

Through Brick you are connected to apps, systems and solutions to automate workflows and grow your business

Ready to franchise a power bank sharing business?

Founded in Sweden 2019, Brick is today a fast growing startup helping the world stay in charge, one Brick at the time.