Become a sharing technology leader

Our power bank sharing solution is your fastest way from idea to market. See what franchising Brick means for you

Become a sharing technology leader

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Get started instantly!

Our turnkey solution enables launch within 1-2 months.

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Global network & brand

Be a part of a global network and user base. Expand with existing Brick venue partners, an established service and a trusted brand.


Economies of Scale

Overhead cost of development and branding are shared across the network. Production and sourcing at scale.



Software tailored to your needs

We tailor the integrations and customizations you need to succeed. We improve our app and software in close collaboration with you.


Best practices specific to your business

We have been there, done that and our industry knowledge are at your fingertips.

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Part of a data-driven, digital organization

Our tools for statistics and managements enables you to make data-driven decisions.

Launch at speed, stress-free

The sharing industry moves fast.
With our experience launching new regions, navigating the power bank sharing market, and a complete brand you’ll get the head start to succeed.


Sharing is the future

We believe sharing is the future. We don’t have the space in our life or on earth to own everything little device or gadget we need on a daily basis.
Power banks and cables are one of those things. A thing you need once in a while but don’t need to carry around. People sharing power banks that work for all devices and are available when they need it seems so much better for everyone.

We strive to make an impact not just in the work we do, but in the work we’re helping others do. That means giving you the best possible foundation as a Brick partner to start your sharing technology service in your region. It’s not only sharing a power bank but also sharing what we know and do all over the world to make sure all our partners have successful sharing businesses. Sharing the sharing technology so to speak and we want to keep developing and grow together with our partners.

When you think about it, what, really, is better to own instead of having it available exactly when you need it? Who knows what we won’t have to own in the future?

Join the leading power bank sharing business

Founded in Sweden 2019, Brick is today a fast growing startup helping the world stay in charge, one Brick at the time.