Why Franchise?

There are three main ways to get into the power bank sharing market. One is to do it by yourself, reaching out to producers and build your own platform from scratch, another way is to buy a ready-made solution from a white label company that provides a package with hardware and software. A third way, which has gotten more and more realistic when the already existing companies are getting more mature is to franchise. 

White label vs. Franchise

When a lot of companies are trying to enter a market space, doing it from scratch or buying a white label solution might not be enough. White label solutions where you can stick a logo to an existing platform and station gives you a start on entering the business, but that’s where they leave you. When they have provided you with the system they’re done. This is the point where a serious franchise collaboration really starts.

A franchise model provides everything a white-label does plus the knowledge and know-how of failures and success and the drive to make your business successful. 

We have developed our own software, app and tools for sales, statistics and operations specially for the power sharing market and to be scalable without losing quality and functionality. 

Where a white label solution provides a ready made and rigid package Bick is constantly improving and adding new features every month to help you stay ahead of industry shifts. Our aim is to evolve and improve in collaboration with our franchise partners and we are invested in your success.

Our team has built strategies for sales, marketing, branding, design and operations so you can focus on growing your business. We have already made mistakes so you don’t have to.

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