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Brick is a service that provides your visitors with a smooth and easy way to charge their phones. By downloading our app the visitors can rent power banks from our stations, pick them up themselves and return them when they’re done charging.

Being a Brick partner is completely free of charge and means that we are handling all customer support and installation and refill of stations when needed. Today we have partnerships with Åhléns, AMF Fastigheter, Starbucks, ICA, and lots of other venues in Sweden.

A partnership means that:




“We at Åhléns are always looking for new ways for improvement and development. I saw the same innovative ideas, energy, and ambition in Brick. Now we can offer our visitors the possibility to charge their phones on-the-go and make it possible for more visitors, longer visits, and more possibilities for conversions. Brick is looking ahead, solving a need, is present, and doing all of this in a very stylish way!” 

Kerim Nielsen, Area Manager

“We at Starbucks are very happy with Brick. The best thing about Brick is that the product makes it easier for both our staff and guests and at the same time provides our guests with a nice experience at a fair price”

Stefan Friedmann, Operations Manager

“Brick is appreciated by Nya Gallerians customers, They feel the shopping experience is smoother and you don’t have to carry your own charger. This lets the customers stay longer without having to worry about their phones’ battery life. They also feel the payment system is simple and we can see a lot of returning users.”

Darwina Slioa Palander, Marketing Coordinator

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