Why get

Brick is a network for power bank-sharing for the age of circular economy. Sounds a bit stiff? Well, put it like this then: Brick has power banks for you to pick up, charge whichever device, and return wherever. Perfect for when you don’t have a charger, don’t want to buy one, or simply want to get on with your day when your phone’s dying.

It’s just 4 easy steps:

  1. Download our app
  2. Find a station
  3. Pick up a Brick, take it with you, and charge your device
  4. Return to any station

A Brick has charging cables for Android, iPhone, and Type-C and costs 1 € an hour and a maximum of 5 € a day.


you ever had battery issues when...

You Are bored
You Realize your smoke-signal guy has gone up in smoke
You Need to send money for your lunch
You Want to call in to your favorite radio show to win concert tickets
You Don’t know if it’s sweet or salty
You Wanted to go for a run
You Want to look up if the guy you met is Dickie Greenleaf or Tom Ripley
You Are using phone payment and are buying coffee
You Are on a game and your favorite team scores the game-winning goal
You Are on a boat and trying to find your way back to Ithaca
You Are trying to record your sons’ dance recital
You Are waiting
You Don’t know if it’s the old one or new
You Were sitting on a long bus ride home
You Have just thought of the best tweet ever and the world needs to know it immediately
Get a flat tire and you're in the middle of nowhere
You Are trying to avoid to talk to someone
You Need to text the prince when you’ve lost your voice in a deal with an evil sea witch
You Don’t know where to go next
You Are at a festival and you've lost your group
You Get a text from your crush
You Went shopping and trying to send a pic of your outfit
You Got stranded on a deserted island with a volleyball
You Needed a map to see where the restaurant is
You See a friend walking outside the bus and you need to tell them that
You Are on a blind date that isn't going so well and you need an excuse to bail
You Need to distract your kids on a long car ride
You Were in a supermarket and trying to look up a recipe
You Don’t know if its rice or potatoes
You Need to tell Ross you don’t want a break and there’s nothing going on with Mark
You Don’t know if it’s medium or large
You Don’t want to be stuck with a charger by the wall
You Don’t know if it’s blue or green
You Have lost the hobbits in middle-earth
You Realize fax machines are long gone
You Were waiting on a train
You Were bored and wanted to talk to someone on your way home
You Don’t know if it’s yes or no
You Are lost in translation
You Need to tell your kids how you met their mother and it’s a long story
You Are in a hurry and in need of a coffee and a charger
You Wanted to show your friend a funny youtube video
You Don’t know if it’s right or left
You Meet a celebrity and you need to take a selfie
You Are going to the theatre and have the tickets on your phone
You Are meeting someone in town and you've actually no idea where you're going
You Needed the email confirmation of your booking
You Are locked out of your home because of your new smart lock
You Need to send an owl, but they’re all occupied
You Just called to say “I love you”
You Want to check your bank balance
You Are at a business conference
You Wanted to post an IG story about your new shoes
You Are in the middle of a phone interview for a job you really, really want
You Don’t know if it’s hot or cold
You Are running late and trying to tell your friends about it
You Were waiting in line and saw someone you don’t want to talk to
Your beloved ship the Pearl is stolen and leaves you stranded with your hat and a gun
You Want to take a selfie with your new friend Tyler at the Fight Club
You Are trying to say Hello from the other side
You Are named Juliet and you’re planning to fake your death to be with your Romeo
You Met someone that said “Call me, maybe”
You Needed good music at the gym
You Have to check if the girl you met at camp that looks like you is your lost twin sister
You Don’t know if it’s east or west
You Don’t know if it’s your place or mine
You Were going on a ski trip and realized you forgot your charger at home
You Wanted to know if it was me you’re looking for
You Were waiting for a date who is on their way
You Are trying to get a date in a bar
You Are sending an urgent message but your raven is sick
You Go on a Christmas vacation to Paris, but leave your kid home alone
You Need to call the Ghostbusters
You Don’t know morse code
You Are visiting a haunted house, a haunted forest, or anything haunted at all
You Were meeting someone and wanted to know why they were late and where they are
You Have been on hold for 40 mins and a real human finally comes on the phone
You Wanted to listen to music with your wireless headphones
You Need a GPS to find your son Nemo
You Don’t know if it’s here or there
You Needed a cab to get home
You Are running from the T-rex and your car breaks down
You Are being attacked by a crazy professor in the Chamber of secrets
You Want to call and wish you dad a happy birthday
You Wanted to listen to a podcast
You Are taking your bike to work
You Are waiting for a phone call from your future employer
You Had to leave at midnight and left your glass shoe at the dance
You Don’t know if it’s big or small
You are recording and your daughter scores her first goal
You Needed a GPS to find your friend’s house
You Are stuck in 1955 and you need to reach Doc
You Don’t know if it’s open or closed
You Are lost
You Are not sure which Lebowski to go home to
You Are walking
You Need to warn the people on Alderaan
You Just saw a cute dog and wanted to tell someone
You Need to call your girl Allie to see if she got your letters or if her mother took them
You Tried to show baby pictures to your aunt



Have you found yourself in a situation where Brick has saved your night? Let us know and win 10 hours of free charge!